Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A post with no Title

I dont know why i am do the blogging right now..but..somehow..feel like this is the only place for me to let out how i feel....especially at this point of time...i would not say i am stressful bit i choose to say i am strecthful..
Been very busy lately with my regional schedule...travelling here and there..tend to be very forgetful on small lil things...really like a goldfish now...seems like i need a 'maria' badly.
Ever since the birth of my new company, FORTRESS, i can feel that...and sense that i am really having a sense of ownership...whatever things i do, i create, it is just belongs to FORTRESS, nothing else but FORTRESS, which i have never been feeling like this before. I have to tell you, it feels great!!!!really fabulous!!!
At the same time, i do not know whether i should be proud of or should be worried about is heart become stronger and tougher each and everyday..never afraid to fight for my rights...and never give a shit to those who do not response to me..because i do not need them and they do not need me either to survive. Love everybody, but only move with the movers.
Also, the fineline between the friendship and business is very clear at this point of time. In business wise, if it does not work out or collaborate with each other, i can come to an immediate stop without any emotional attachment, and i will move forward with my own plan. But one thing for sure, they are still my good friends or best friends.
There are times, people will tell me, you are really a nice person to hang out with, easy to be with, but sometimes, we cant really know what you are actually thinking and you should express more about your inner feeling. But each and every time, i will respond them with a big laughter..because i do not know how to answer...
Lately, my loyalty towards my mother company in singapore been painfully tested. i am still staying with them as a business partner. Only one reason, there are things i can learn from them and leverage on them. Sometimes, i am asking and telling myself, loyalty can last, only if the things that both parties are dealing with are justifiable, and making sense, without taking advantages on each must be, and it has to be equally shared mutual benefits. I prefer the words rational and logical loyalty, but not blind loyalty. The other aspect of my concern in dealing with people, is the trust and intergrity. i hate people who do not walk the talk. Saying and delivering is totally long can someone be fooled?it can be once or twice, but it cant be my mentor always tells the students, you can bluff someone, but not everyone..
Right now..this moment...i have left those issues and problems aside.....i am preparing myself, equipping myself with the skills and relevant knowledge.. and i am determined to be one of the up-coming tycoon and industry mogul at whatever costs.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely, you are an impressive young man. with your passion and commitment in everything you do, it will be fruitful at the end of the day.

wish you all the best in your future undertakings.