Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A post with no Title

I dont know why i am do the blogging right now..but..somehow..feel like this is the only place for me to let out how i feel....especially at this point of time...i would not say i am stressful bit i choose to say i am strecthful..
Been very busy lately with my regional schedule...travelling here and there..tend to be very forgetful on small lil things...really like a goldfish now...seems like i need a 'maria' badly.
Ever since the birth of my new company, FORTRESS, i can feel that...and sense that i am really having a sense of ownership...whatever things i do, i create, it is just belongs to FORTRESS, nothing else but FORTRESS, which i have never been feeling like this before. I have to tell you, it feels great!!!!really fabulous!!!
At the same time, i do not know whether i should be proud of or should be worried about is heart become stronger and tougher each and everyday..never afraid to fight for my rights...and never give a shit to those who do not response to me..because i do not need them and they do not need me either to survive. Love everybody, but only move with the movers.
Also, the fineline between the friendship and business is very clear at this point of time. In business wise, if it does not work out or collaborate with each other, i can come to an immediate stop without any emotional attachment, and i will move forward with my own plan. But one thing for sure, they are still my good friends or best friends.
There are times, people will tell me, you are really a nice person to hang out with, easy to be with, but sometimes, we cant really know what you are actually thinking and you should express more about your inner feeling. But each and every time, i will respond them with a big laughter..because i do not know how to answer...
Lately, my loyalty towards my mother company in singapore been painfully tested. i am still staying with them as a business partner. Only one reason, there are things i can learn from them and leverage on them. Sometimes, i am asking and telling myself, loyalty can last, only if the things that both parties are dealing with are justifiable, and making sense, without taking advantages on each must be, and it has to be equally shared mutual benefits. I prefer the words rational and logical loyalty, but not blind loyalty. The other aspect of my concern in dealing with people, is the trust and intergrity. i hate people who do not walk the talk. Saying and delivering is totally long can someone be fooled?it can be once or twice, but it cant be my mentor always tells the students, you can bluff someone, but not everyone..
Right now..this moment...i have left those issues and problems aside.....i am preparing myself, equipping myself with the skills and relevant knowledge.. and i am determined to be one of the up-coming tycoon and industry mogul at whatever costs.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One of the wonderful chapter in my life....(from my diary)

2:00AM Wednesday morning
Well,today its an emotional day for me.....cos i have separated and no longer staying with my auntie and all the beloved cuz...
I thought im gonna be cool and steady but ...but....actually ....i........ realised im kinda sentimental at times...when i was driving back to my own house ,there are many thoughts appeared and pop up in my i came to this point in my life..the times that i have spend together with them for ages...there are ups and my auntie has treated me all these while..

Until today, i have only one thing to say about my auntie...she is an awesome ,fantastic and caring auntie and mother that i have ever seen,giving out to people all the time without really expecting in return..many people are born takers...few of them are born givers, my beloved auntie is one of them..if you ask me who is the person i will care for other than family members..she will be the one...if you ask me who will be the one that cares for me other than my family members..she will be the one..the relationship between me and her somehow it’s hard to’s very chemistry...and very hard to put it in’s like you know i will be there and she will be there somehow for each’s really kinda hard to explain...she is the one and the only one auntie who has seen what i have gone through in my life since when i was a lil chap.....we kinda close and shez just like my second mother...there are times when i had casual conversation with her..i just realised how much she cares and loves her children...she doesn’t even mind to be alone for the sake of his sons’ future..she told me if all his children are going overseas and they are having a good living and making money..she doesn’t mind to be alone as long as she sees her sons’ are successful...she will save enough money to go to the high class old folks home and making frens....what a great mother on earth!!!!i think i didn’t say anything much that time but one thing for thing for sure..i realised i have tears in my eyes....and looking at her.....when i open my mouth, no words came out..i cant even utter a single word...i was so what she told me....

She is a responsible and independent mother...she took care of her husband who is my uncle...and he had gone ...gone to the heaven for sure...and watching all of us especially his children.....when my uncle was terminally ill..and it was the time i broke up with my ex....she even comforted me...and asked me to take care of myself...i cant forget that moments...i felt like so guilty and i tried to put myself in my aunt’s shoe and finally i have decided to move on and become stronger.....something that i have to repend from time to auntie is very tough..and independent because she wants to take care of the family..on the other side of the coin, she is weak sometimes because she has no one to talk to previously and felt frustrated sometimes..everything juz keep by herself..but now..she’s more willing to share with the children and i have seen the children has changed...something that i felt relieved somehow...sometimes i tell myself when i see her alone, im gonna take care of her when she is old...whoever i am today is partly because of her...providing me the things that i need when i am in difficulty....she didn’t say much but just a simple smile and a few warm words like asking whether i have taken my meals or how’s my work and all that...i felt much much better....i think i never frown when i see will smile and talk to her...and i think i have never and never intended to bring any negative energy to the family....whatever problems outside the house i never bring home,if i were to bring home only into my room...bacause i think its not fair and its unhealthy to those people staying around me to get affected by my personal issues...lately..i have been staying in my room all the time..u know what i am trying to say...ahahahhahahaha......

To my cousin, the twin is not in Malaysia...but i would say i have a great relationship with both of them...both of them are believer..i am really happy and proud of them due to their achievement in their career, and they have a good virtue and good attitude when comes to things....very positive and optimistic...something that i have to learn...

To the rest of the three who i am staying with...we poke fun of each other....teasing each each other.....encourage each other....stick together when the times get tough...we talk shit...sing song and play computer games....everything also together..but i have to declare to you guys..i am not taking bath together with them ok??i am pretty decent..ehehhe..and very biggest lie ever)ahahahha....Shin yih, i would say he is the closest person to me among them..cos winners think alike...we have the same wavelength..he definitely can be very successful in his life....but before that...we have tonnes of challenges to face and overcome before we reach our goals and and him like a fighter..never give up..never back down and never lose faith...we are natural born winner...sometimes we talk alien language...blablabla.....but only he understand what the hell i am talking and i understand what he is mumbling and murmuring about.....shanq yeet, is the monash student, he is fucking smart..i would say fucking smart cos he likes when i say in this way....and he will laugh when he read this ‘shit’...he seems happy when i scolded him..and he scolded me computer idiot..which i admit i am but i have to tell u..the more he scold the more i want to ask for his help..eheheh.ahahahha...we will whack each other ,punch each other for no reasons...just because he said that he felt like punching me..of cos i punched back la..never give chance...but we really do get along pretty well...whereas michelle, she is definitely a sweet loving + pretty young 19 years old hot teenager...who has many admirers and secret fans going after property!!!she is another smartass and hardworking.....she looks cool all the time when with strangers...when get to know her..wahahaha...(let you to finish it)well....we really can share some of the things together...and we can really talk...i mean really talk if we have the lucky cos got one person teach her badminton and free of charge...the tuition fee is just let her to pour one cup of 100 plus and take it into my room...or she will knock my door and ask me whether wanna have icecream during the midnight....MIDNIGHT??? HALLO!!!!.THE WHOLE WORLD IS SLEEPING LA OI...i feel so

Well...i have lotz of unforgettable memories staying together with them i don’t dare to say 100% is good memories but i am humble enough to say 99.99% =)the reason why i wanna blog this post its because i want them to know how wonderful they have been in my life.....i want them to know how grateful and fortunate i am staying together with them.....and had giving me all those wonderful memory which i have stored in the gallery of my sweet memories...which will stay with me, accompany me for many ...many years to come or even till the last breath of my life......thanks for the you all ...and ...u guys rocks!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

CashFlow Game and a lil reflection and feed back form the players and myself=)

Hi All,

I didnt know i gonna post another blog so fast..well...but somehow, i have the urge to share with the readers of some of the things that has happened last couple of week...=)

As usual, our team organised the Cash Flow game by Robert Kiyosaki, the author of rich dad and poor dad at MPH bookstore @ Mid Valley...The objective is to buildup our clientele and educate people on how to manage their wealth in order to reach the financial freedom..i would say we did it quite successful, me and my partner was facilitating the game busily and honestly its very tiring cos u have to maintain th high energy level all the time to make sure and the players are enthusiatic and with us all the time..cracking some stupid jokes, bullying other players is a must, and it reflects the real life situation...robert kiyosaki says: Investment is a team sport, you gotta constantly looking on how to leverage on other people in order to reach the financial freedom true is this statement is!!!!and when you speak poor and you wil getting poorer and poorer...=)

Yesterday, i have received one email from the winner of that day..there you go..

**Dear Loo Hoon Chuan,

Greetings from Davao City, Philippines!

Thank you very much for the financial education your team had imparted on us when we were on holiday in Kuala Lumpur. Me and my wife were there at the right time and the right place. The cashflow game taught us the importance of clearing debts, investing wisely, increasing passive income and above all winning through achieving financial freedom in a span of two hours!

More power to you and your team!

Best regards,Anthony and Yuriyo Erojo

Davao City, Philippines**

When i read this email, inwardly,i felt suddenly become very rich and living in th life of is not about the money issues or whatever issues, but, it is the inner happiness that i am able to make a difference and touched a person's live. I feel so great and fabulous!!!=)
Everyday, when we read the newspaper, we will definitely see some headlines like ''owing loan shark money, bankrucy, credit card debts and etc the list will never come to an end..'' this implies that they do not have a proper financial planning for themselves..they are out there living in the material lifestyle just to impress people without that kind of earning power and ability especially youngster a saying goes ''financial freedom is not about lifestyle but rather it is how you live your life; its not how much you earn but it's how much you save that's matter!!!" how true is this statement is=)Financial Planning is not about buying piece meal products but it is at different stage of your life requires different kind of income funding,estate planning funding and etc......if you need advice,please make an appointment with me =) 'blek'...ahahhaha...

For continued education please go to :

meantime,you guys take care of yourself and god bless!!!



Sunday, October 12, 2008


Hi all,
It's been ages didn't write something on my took me around an hour to recall my passwords and so kinda forgetful nowadays...sign of aging..!!!lol..
Today, the reason why i wanna blog is to share some of my experiences that i have gone through lately..sweet..sour..bitter...spicy...there are moments i felt like screaming, crying, shouting,punching due to the stress level that i am handling and managing...from the top management, to the bottom clients and advisers and many many more...
Being the self starter without any supports, being the entrepreneur without any experiences, to be where i am today it takes a lots of courage and determination and what most importantly its the faith!the faith to believe in yourself and the ability to overcome all the obstacles with the positive mental attitudes. Initially and still, there are people who are skeptical about what i am doing due to the current economic crisis, in fact, from my point of view, as a financial coach,i see this as a good opportunity to educate my clients and the people around me in terms of how to manage their wealth at the difficult time..i am always wanna stand apart from the crowd and be different from the crowd, but somehow or rather, people always wanna chop my head down to the stream due to their jealousy and the inability of dealing with adversity. However, i know this is the rule of the game and that is the nature. Losers tnd to talk a lot and complain a lot but deliver nothing or peanuts and if they get peanuts they behave like sad!!!
Due to my job nature, it requires a lot of self discipline, 200 % of commitment, stay focused al the time..the business is getting into me and i live with, eat with it, chew with it and drink with it 24/7, everything is about P&L, is about on ROI (return on Investment) and etc...
Sometimes, i come to a point whereby i am indifferent towards many small lil things in my life, because i felt that is not important to me but not the other way around...sometimes,i might lose the things that i want...lose the person that i love, and the times for family is definitely lesser....but i clearly know that i gotta stay focus especially at this point of time....those friends and family who understand me will support me....if there arent its fine too...cause at the end of the day, its about myself,not you me or him or whoever....success is never by chance..success is by choice!!!I will never ever let other people determine my income because i always believe that i am able to earn more than that and they always underpay me..working so hard for people but at the end of the day,people will treat you like an employee...
3 months down the road, the business gonna be even more challenging especially in the finance industry...the question is how to sustain and expand..this is something that i gonna work on..i will be in bangkok soon fir sure, because i always feel that bangkok its my second home=)the people, the culture and of couse the food!!!!! that makes me happy=)i am doing some ground work now..
not to forget..i am working out on my personal website...this time its gonna be very different approach...i will certainly keep you guys posted on this!!!
Lastly, i am very hungry,i need to grap something first..ehehehhe....
goodbye and goodluck guys!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Moving Towards Another Chapter Of My Life


what's up everyone!!

Well...just took an hour off for updates..

My business tour will be starting from end of this month 28th,it's just 2 weeks left but i have not prepare anything yet.There will be a series of events and seminars going on over at Singapore and Jakarta that i need to be there.

What do i expect from my business tour??well, i think that is a good question. Only things that i need to learn for the time being is how to run my ow dream team..with regional exposure,this will somehow will value add or enhance my position in the international stage.

Secondly, is to spending time with my mentor,Thomas Mattew,who is making me a millionaire at the moment....He guided me,taught me,providing me a business framework,trust me,have faith in me,taught me on and off of the business,how to be a better person...thank you so much..=)

After the business tour, i will be flying back to Malaysia on the 9th of June and on the 10th,will be departing to Hanoi.The reason i am there is to travel around Hanoi,Halong Bay and probably go to KuiLin for 2 days,besides that, i have a personal issue to sort out over there and will be attending the FFI business soft launch in Hanoi,will be a hoo-haa event and media releases,press would spice up the atmosphere.

On the 16th of June, i will be going to Bangkok for a couple of days for leisure.Meeting friends and good friend.Sorting out some personal issue as well and see how the FFI team running their business.There are a group of young entrepreneurs who share the same ambition,get motivated all the time and constantly striving for success..honestly speaking,they have traits and marks of the millionaires...times will prove me right.=) there is a young entrepreneur girl called miriam from BKK,who is one of my best friend at the moment,she knows what she wants in her life even though she is just 21 years old,i am impressed by this young entrepreneur.Keep it up the good work and you will be able to join my club one day,kao zai mai? whoever is interested in this business please refer to , or for further details,please contact me and i will direct you to this young entrepreneur.

On the 19th of june, will be back to Malaysia for 2 days cos there are 2 events that i have to attend in KL.On the 22th , will be flying to Cambodia for 4 days together with mom, sis, and sis-in-law-to-be.

After that,i will be preparing to dip myself into this real world..fight the battles like spartan!!

lastly,thanks for 'wasting' your time reading my blog..i will certainly keep you guys posted when i come back,will share with you guys all the pictures and video clips=)

take care and good luck everyone..

much love,
Hoon Chuan

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

just a lil bit about my story...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Welcome to HoonChuanTheBusinessman

Hi buddy,

i will certainly keep you guys posted for my details..

thanks bunches